Cadence Magazine Reviews “Song On My Lips”

Song On My Lips, Jazz Greats Were My Mentors has been getting a lot of attention recently. The prestigious publication, Cadence Magazine, has published a review of Dr. Stephen Botek’s book. The reviewer, Michael Steinman, is analytical and seems to have some grasp of the field of psychiatry as well as music.

Excerpt from the review:

In a back-cover blurb, Phil Woods compares Botek to Huckleberry Finn. Perhaps—there is a good deal of prankish humor in his adventures. But Botek reminds me much more of the young James Joyce’s alter ego, Stephen Dedalus, finding himself as an artist. In some  ways, this book is the consistently intriguing autobiography of a developing consciousness, whether the shaping influence is DeFranco or Wilhelm Reich.

— Michael Steinman

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