BE DiFFERENT or be dead Virtual Book Tour


photo: Dee Lipingwell

Join Roy Osing, author of  BE DiFFERENT or be dead, Your Business Survival Guide,  for a ` Virtual Book Tour’.

The event will take the attendee through some of the many BE DiFFERENT practices Roy presents in his book and will mirror the numerous face-to-face seminars he has been doing over the past several months.

I urge you all to register for this F.REE live event and to spread the word to your own friends and associates as I expect they would be interested as well.

For more information on Roy’s Virtual Book Tour and to register for the event, please go to

Thanks and please spread the word.

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Buy Roy’s book direct from the publisher by clicking on the cover at left.

For additional information on Roy’s book and the events, media and the many other things going on around his book, please visit or his author page at Granville Island Publishing Ltd.


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