Beth Rowles Scott in the Afro News

Author Beth Rowles Scott Photo By Michael Moster

Author Beth Rowles Scott Photo By Michael Moster

GIPL Author, Beth Rowles Scott has been receiving a lot of attention because of her book, “Pinch Me, A Long Walk from the Prairies”. The Afro News has written a glowing review that can be read here. A quote from the article is re-printed below.

Beth’s desire “to give hope, to give a chance to others” came from her own early life lessons. This new project which began on a kitchen table in 1993, called on Beth to apply all her best experiences of administration. Her belief in how important it is to encourage leadership, enhance education and strengthen community now led her from being a retired academic to a latter day activist in a far and foreign land. Looking forward to Kenya, Beth and George’s vision became the working motto for ACCES – “Kenyans Helping Kenyans”. — quote from the Afro News, Deidré Heim.

Foreword Magazine mentioned the book, calling it a “charming memoir”and BC Bookworld listed it under their Indie Books category.

The book follows Beth’s life from her childhood in Saskatchewan to her dedication to creating schools in Kenya in her senior years.

More information about the on-going work of creating and supporting schools in Kenya can be found by visiting the ACCESKENYA website or by e-mailing Net proceeds form the sale of the book are donated to ACES.


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