Great walks of Vancouver 2nd Edition Available

Charles Clapham has introduced many urban dwellers to the art of finding and walking on the many natural trails that adjoin the urban areas of Vancouver. With the 2nd edition of Great Walks of Vancouver, he expands the many suggested walks to include Squamish and Whistler areas.

As Charles explains in his introduction to the book,

If you think you know Vancouver by travelling through it by automobile, you will not recognize the city that you learn by exploring on foot.
Metro Vancouver is fortunate in being blessed with an abundance of walking routes. You can link parks, dikes, ravines, trails and quiet roads to walk from almost any point in Vancouver to any other (there are a few difficult places to reach but not many). Great Walks of Vancouver describes a 500-km network of trails that lets you explore the whole area . . .

A strong community of walkers use Clapham’s books to plan their urban adventures. Now, to assist in giving walkers updated information and guidance regarding temporary or permanent changes to the published walks, Charles has created a website.

The website will post changes that affect the routing of the walks or access to them, but be aware that bus timetables change from time to time and check before you leave. If you note changes, you can also inform me at the website.
Happy walking!

Great Walks of Vancouver is available direct from the publisher, at local bookstores in the Lower Mainland, or for American visitors planning to walk around Vancouver,


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