New Travel Book- Trekking the Globe

Newly retired baby boomers, Irene Butler and her husband Rick, chose to escape routine and trek the globe for a year. Disciplined adventurers, who experienced all the joys and challenges of travel and still managed to stay within their planned budget..

As they immersed themselves in cultures across four continents, their experiences were wondrous,  hair-raising and sometimes humorous.

Irene was already a seasoned travel writer, so she decided to write a book to assist others in their travel plans and to provide armchair travelers with the an insider view of their experiences. Their personal challenge was to travel for the same cost as staying at home, yet adhering to their older travellers’ motto “we are not here to suffer”. Her book is full of tips and the lessons they learned, including the most valuable lesson of all, “expect the unexpected”. The result is Trekking the Globe With Mostly Gentle Footsteps, Twelve Countries in Twelve Months ready to be published in June 2010.

A pre-publication review is already on-line at HikeBikeTravel and an excerpt is posted below. he entire article may be downloaded by clicking on the link HikeBike_review-05-10

I love Irene’s explanations of the heritage of some common sayings. Learn what ‘saving face’ means in the Chinese culture. Find out how the Black Hole of Calcutta got its name. Look for information on Indian customs concerning cremations. Have you heard of India’s third sex – the hijra? Italy’s Vestal Virgins are explained as are the musical and artistic genius of many European artists. These factual tidbits were a delight.

— Leigh McAdam,

Buy this exciting book direct from the publisher by clicking here or order from a bookstore near you. For more information about the author, please visit the Irene Butler page.


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