Healthier Eating in Three Countries

healthier eating - karen jungKaren Jung, author of Healthier Eating and Living with Cancer has continued to write on the topic of diet and cancer. She explains,

I am delighted to report that the following publication and cancer organizations in three countries have recently published my new article entitled “Healthy Eating Tips During Cancer Treatments”. 
My articles with Boston’s Heal Yourself Magazine, Bowel Cancer Australia and Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation can be found at

Karen is motivated to help others and is working with charitable organizations and cancer fighting societies in several countries to share her research. These organizations have joined forces as Bowel Cancer International including: Bowel Cancer Australia, the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada, the UK charity Beating Bowel Cancer and Beat Bowel Cancer New Zealand.

The book, Healthier Eating and Living with Cancer continues to gain more recognition by medical professionals. The book is now located in the patient resource library at Ovarian Cancer Canada in Vancouver and has been added to the recommended reading list of the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance in Washington, DC.

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For more information about Karen Jung and her book, please visit the Granville Island Publishing website page.


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