Review of Road To Respect:Path to Profit

Erica Pinsky is a respected business consultant who has decided to share her advice in book form. Road to Respect: Path To Profit contains advice and clear examples for employers to assist them in creating an improved work environment.

A recent review by respected business consultant, Mike Desjardins, gives generous praise to Erica’s book,

This easy to read book paints a clear and vivid picture of what the many facets of respect looks like in a thriving organization.  Through numerous ‘respectful practices’ we are not just told, but shown how to move toward a culture where respect is a living a core value and success and profitability are the outcomes.  It is the “roadmap” to respect and path to profit.

Definitely worth the read.

Read the entire review on Mike’s site here.

Buy Road To Respect:Path to Profit directly from the publisher by clicking here or read more on Erica’s website.

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