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Great walks of Vancouver 2nd Edition Available »

Great walks of Vancouver 2nd Edition Available

Charles Clapham has introduced many urban dwellers to the art of finding and walking on the many natural trails that adjoin the urban areas of Vancouver. With the 2nd edition of Great Walks of Vancouver, he expands the many suggested walks to include Squamish and Whistler areas. As Charles explains in his introduction to the book, If you

Jacqui Stanley shows underwater video in Bellingham »

JACQUI STANLEY, THE DRAGONS OF KANGAROO ISLAND Date: Sun, 01/17/2010 Time: 2:00pm Location: Village Books 1200 Eleventh Street Bellingham, Washington 98225 COME CELEBRATE AUSTRALIA MONTH WITH THIS EXCITING KIDS EVENT! INCLUDES UNDERWATER VIDEO! Have you ever wondered if dragons still exist? Australian

Beth Rowles Scott in the Afro News »

Beth Rowles Scott in the Afro News

GIPL Author, Beth Rowles Scott has been receiving a lot of attention because of her book, "Pinch Me, A Long Walk from the Prairies". The Afro News has written a glowing review that can be read here. A quote from the article is re-printed below. Beth’s desire “to give hope, to give a chance to others” came from her own early life

Partners Publishers Group Represents our Authors »

Partners Publishers Group Represents our Authors

Nationwide in the United States We are pleased to announce that Partners Publishers Group is now representing some of the titles published by Granville Island Publishing in the United States. They offer nationwide distribution to our titles that would benefit from the service. Authors, such as Kate Porter, Karen Jung, Gordon Cruse and Dr.

Escape From Pannonia »

Escape From Pannonia

The 23rd Annual JCCGV Jewish Book Festival Event Everyone who attends the Spoken Word Slamfest at the JCC Community Centre will receive a copy of the book Escape From Pannonia, A Tale of Two Survivors written by Steve Floris. Date: Thu November 29, 2008 Time: 9:30pm to midnight Place: JCC Community Centre, 950 West 41st Avenue

Jewish Community Centre Self-Publishing Workshop »

Jewish Community Centre Self-Publishing Workshop

For on-line ticket purchase click here. For more information about the JCC Book Festival click here. -------------------------- This year the Festival will have a spotlight on local self-published writers on Sunday Nov 23, 2008 - there will be a presentation table in the atrium for their use all day to sell their books and talk

GIPL’s new blog for authors »

We are very excited to announce our new author blog. All of our authors will now be able to post information about events, readings, interviews and other insights into their work. Look for new postings or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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