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Great Walks Review »

The Midwest Book Review Periodical has featured the 2nd edition of Great Walks of Vancouver in their Small Press Bookwatch 2010. The Travel Shelf Great Walks of Vancouver Charles Clapham Granville Island Publishing Suite 212 - 1656 Duranleau, Vancouver, BC V6H 3S4 9781894694759, $21.95, A stroll during

Song On My Lips in Rochester »

Dr. Stephen Botek will be giving a talk and signing his book at the Central Library in Rochester, NY as part of the "Thursday Thinkers Series" on March 4th. Meet Dr. Botek as he speaks about his first hand experiences meeting jazz greats of the big band era. Central Library Events: Thursday Thinkers - Song On My Lips, Jazz Greats

Great walks of Vancouver 2nd Edition Available »

Great walks of Vancouver 2nd Edition Available

Charles Clapham has introduced many urban dwellers to the art of finding and walking on the many natural trails that adjoin the urban areas of Vancouver. With the 2nd edition of Great Walks of Vancouver, he expands the many suggested walks to include Squamish and Whistler areas. As Charles explains in his introduction to the book, If you

Kirkpatrick review in Midwest Book Review »

David Kirkpatrick has been touring the Pacific Northwest and has received a lot of attention as he introduced his book, In Praise of Strong Women, A Psychiatrist's Memoir.  This review, excerpted below, was published in the February 2010 issue of the online book review magazine "Wisconsin Bookwatch". Reviewer's Choice Mothers, sisters,

Jacqui Stanley shows underwater video in Bellingham »

JACQUI STANLEY, THE DRAGONS OF KANGAROO ISLAND Date: Sun, 01/17/2010 Time: 2:00pm Location: Village Books 1200 Eleventh Street Bellingham, Washington 98225 COME CELEBRATE AUSTRALIA MONTH WITH THIS EXCITING KIDS EVENT! INCLUDES UNDERWATER VIDEO! Have you ever wondered if dragons still exist? Australian

David Kirkpatrick, Author of Strong Women »

In Praise of STRONG WOMEN, A Psychiatrist's Memoir is a book that joyously celebrates the strong women that have influenced and benefited the author, David Kirkpatrick, during his life. With insight from his practice, especially as a couple’s counselor, David offers well-earned advice to others living with, loving and losing strong women. He

Beth Rowles Scott in the Afro News »

Beth Rowles Scott in the Afro News

GIPL Author, Beth Rowles Scott has been receiving a lot of attention because of her book, "Pinch Me, A Long Walk from the Prairies". The Afro News has written a glowing review that can be read here. A quote from the article is re-printed below. Beth’s desire “to give hope, to give a chance to others” came from her own early life

BE DiFFERENT or be dead Virtual Book Tour »

Join Roy Osing, author of  BE DiFFERENT or be dead, Your Business Survival Guide,  for a ` Virtual Book Tour'. The event will take the attendee through some of the many BE DiFFERENT practices Roy presents in his book and will mirror the numerous face-to-face seminars he has been doing over the past several months. I urge you all to register

Karen Jung on Heal Yourself Talk Radio »

Author, Karen Jung is being invited back to speak about her "Healthier Eating and Living with Cancer" book on on Heal Yourself Talk Radio Thursday, October 22nd from 10:30 to 11:00 a.m. PT (1:30 to 2:00 p.m. in Boston). Karen will be speaking on healthier eating, cancer treatments and living with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. The

Cadence Magazine Reviews “Song On My Lips” »

Song On My Lips, Jazz Greats Were My Mentors has been getting a lot of attention recently. The prestigious publication, Cadence Magazine, has published a review of Dr. Stephen Botek's book. The reviewer, Michael Steinman, is analytical and seems to have some grasp of the field of psychiatry as well as music. Excerpt from the review: In a

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