How to Blog-Tutorial Page

This is a brief tutorial on how to use this blog.

On the right side there is a column that contains several categories.


These are like conventional web pages that are only available if they are chosen with a mouse click. The list of available pages that can be clicked on is below the heading and will increase automatically as more pages are added.


The Archive category shows the history of posts that have been made. A post is like a news item that is written by the blogger and it will show in the main window as soon as a viewer navigates to the blog. The newest post will be shown in the window by default.


This section contains filters that organize the posts that have been made into different subject headings. A reader who is interested in Events can click on the filter to show only posts that are contained in that category. One post can be included under several subject headings; for example, if a post is about an event at a bookstore then it could appear under Published Author, Events and Bookstores. The categories are added when a post is written by checking a box in a section below the window where the text is written. Adding categories helps readers by allowing them to focus on the material they are interested in.


The Blogroll is a section reserved for links to other sites. They might be a link to an outside blog or to a website. Adding more links to this category can increase your rankings in search engines as many rankings are partly based on how large your community is. Many people will do a link exchange, so if you link to them, they will return the favour. The idea is to build a community of people who will be interested in the content.


Administration of the site is contained in this section. The first choice allows you to log-in or log-out. You must be logged-in to write a post or enter information on a page, but comments can be made without having administrative rights. You must be logged-in to the site to comment as the record of your e-mail address helps prevent spam comments.

To Write A Post

1. Go to the Meta area and log-in with your user name and password.

2. Open the tab marked “Write” at the top on the left.

3. A window will open with a box for the title and a box for the post you want to write. Try to make the title short and descriptive as search engines will look at it to find your information.

4. Write your post or copy and paste from a word processor.

5. Add pictures or other media using the menu at the top right. the square box is for photos or images, the box with dots at the bottom is for video and the note is for music. Some file types are not recognized by the blog program. Images should be jpeg or png, videos in mpeg and music or spoken word in mp3.

6. When the post is the way you want it, then look to the right and you will find two buttons marked “Save” and “Publish”. Choose save if you are not finished, but want to work on it later. Choose publish to put your work on the internet. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, you can always edit or delete later.

7. “View Post” will show you what everyone else will see on the internet.

8. Log-out when you are finished. You will find the link in the Meta area.

Good luck and have fun posting.


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