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Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is responding to the changing technological information landscape by developing a Documentary Heritage Management Framework (DHMF) based on three pillars of documentary heritage: acquisition, preservation and resource discovery.

Their traditional role as a repository and official record keeper for books published in Canada will continue to be maintained, but new responses to digital media are being explored. This is important for authors and content creators who want to make sure that their work will be available as part of the Canadian cultural collage for present and future generations.

More information on the important development process of the new DHMF and your opportunity to offer suggestions and comments can be found on the LAC site here. Stakeholder consultations are being prepared and your input is needed to further develop this acquisitions approach that will be developed over the next year.
We urge all Granville Island Publishing Ltd. authors to familiarize themselves with the proposed framework so they can contribute their opinions and be assured that their interests continue to be protected.

For more information, or if you wish to consult with LAC on the discussion documents, please contact Chantal Marin-Comeau, Director of Acquisitions at or 819-997-7003, or with me at or 819-934-5790.

Doug Rimmer
Assistant Deputy Minister
Documentary Heritage Collection Sector
Library and Archives Canada

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