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New York Radio with Dr. Botek »

Song on My Lips is on the air in New York and area as GIPL author, Dr. Stephen Botek, is featured in many interviews. We will try to get a copy of these interviews to share with you. The current schedule of radio interviews reaches as far as Toronto, Canada, and Boston, Mass. but most of the stations broadcast in NY State. Dates are listed

Cadence Magazine Reviews “Song On My Lips” »

Song On My Lips, Jazz Greats Were My Mentors has been getting a lot of attention recently. The prestigious publication, Cadence Magazine, has published a review of Dr. Stephen Botek's book. The reviewer, Michael Steinman, is analytical and seems to have some grasp of the field of psychiatry as well as music. Excerpt from the review: In a

Song On My Lips Review In Cadence Magazine »

Cadence Magazine is an authoritative voice in jazz with an extensive readership. One of the few publications that is only available in print, it is mainly available by subscription or at your local news stand. Their independent voice is recognized as serving the community of and not their advertisers, so reviews can be considered reliable