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Cinemazoo: Amazon Review

Cinemazoo just received a great customer review on Amazon. Judith Pipher writes . . .

After watching Saving Cinemazoo the 12 episode web series at I was anxious to read Cinemazoo: My Urban Safari, the autobiography of Gary Oliver, written with Wendy Bancroft. Gary is an extremely unusual man – who after a few segues into other careers, found himself caring for exotic animals at his “Cinemazoo” that were discarded by their owners. He also is on a mission to help children and youth learn about responsible pet ownership. Funny at times, poignant at others, Gary’s struggles are documented in this story with a deft hand. Gary, despite obstacles presented by financial circumstances and sometimes by the Government, always manages to strike a new path forward. I bought my copy directly from the publisher before it was distributed more widely (can be done from a link on the “saving cinemazoo” website). Well worth ordering! 

To check out Gary’s book as well as this review, visit Cinemazoo’s page on

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