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New Release: New Liberalism by Matthew Kalkman

One hundred years ago, liberalism was modernized to tackle the challenges of the time. Today, liberalism must again be renewed to ensure freedom is protected for future generations. For a society to be maintained and evolve, the notion of a common humanity extending to all people on this planet needs to be embraced.

Matthew Kalkman earned an LL.B. from Durham and MSc. from the London School of Economics. His writings have been published in the Cambridge Student Law Review and the Inter Alia Law Journal. After studying French at ULaval, he returned to his hometown of Vancouver where he presently works in environmental law.

“Kalkman’s concept is of much interest to all who want an effective state characterized by free, empowered citizens who have the possiblity to shape their own futures . . . It is a must read.”

-Hans van Baalen, MEP
President of Liberal International

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