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Author event: Brett Hayward at Banyen Books

Existence—Science, Spirituality & the Spaces Between

If you’re in the Vancouver area next week, be sure to attend Brett Hayward’s author event at Banyen Books, as he presents his new book, Existence: Science, Spirituality & the Spaces Between.  This event takes place on Tuesday, May 13th from 6:30pm to 8:00pm and is free with no registration required.

You can find out more by clicking here.

Banyen Books is located at: 3608 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC

Existence Front Cover JPEG- Dec 6, 2013

Was the creation of the universe just a random occurrence or was it created by something other than natural causes? Are science and spirituality’s views on these issues irreconcilable or is there a way of bridging the gap between these disciplines?

Citing examples from his provocative new book, Existence—Science, Spirituality the Spaces Between, Brett Hayward will discuss the common ground that exists between those who believe in a higher power and those who don’t. A philosopher who sees the world through the eyes of a veterinarian, Dr. Hayward, whose inquiry into the nature of existence incorporates a variety of scientific disciplines, will provide compelling evidence that science and spirituality can co-exist harmoniously.

“The intent is not to preach on religion or to convert people to a specific religion, but to include spirituality in the discussion, in order to keep the search for answers as broad as possible,” Hayward writes. His ability to dive deeply into both pools, and to find the streams between them, makes Existence into a thought-provoking, valuable work — not just on science and spirituality but also for broadening the investigation of intersections between them.”

— Elizabeth Millard, Foreword Magazine

“Brett Hayward explains the mysteries of science in a forthright, accessible and engaging manner in his lovely book Existence. While some scientists see spirituality and science as opposites, Hayward makes ample room for God. One comes away from this book both smarter and more sensitive to life’s many wonders.”

— Ari L. Goldman, professor of journalism at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, author of The Search for God at Harvard and former religion reporter for the New York Times


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