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Helping Children Educate Themselves

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A Path of their Own introduces the groundbreaking concept of “radical respect” as the cornerstone of compassionate parenting and the foundation for an enriched alternative education. When children are deeply respected — seen as they are, and not as we might wish them to be — they flourish, both emotionally and intellectually. Respectful parenting allows children to trust their own instincts and to pursue their individual passions and curiosities, so that they grow up to be creative, resilient and inner-directed adults who stay open and engaged with the world throughout their lives.

Sharing stories from her own experience, author Lael Whitehead, former editor of Home Education News magazine in Vancouver, describes how she took her children out of school and allowed them to learn from life in a natural, self-directed way, without curriculum, grades, discipline or rewards. She candidly shares their journey, thoughts and feelings along the way.

You can get your copy here.


“As a homeschooling parent, I’ve always been curiously drawn to the idea of unschooling, but have mostly stuck to conventional methods of teaching. This book challenged my ideas of education: how children learn and how to trust their interests. It got me looking at my kids from outside of the “school” box and questioning how I can encourage them to build upon their passions.”
Lisa Marie Fletcher, The Canadian Homeschooler

“A richly rewarding, life-affirming book. Highly recommended.”
Raffi, author, children’s troubadour, founder of Child Honouring.

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