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ABC – Animals, BBQ and Cinemazoo

Cinemazoo Cover In the Vancouver area and looking for something to do this weekend?

How about an Urban Safari!

Granville Island’s author Gary Oliver has provided animals to many movies you may have watched. Remember the 1990 film “Bird on a Wire” starring Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson?  Well Gary supplied the Burmese python that was used in a scene with Goldie Hawn.

To get up close and personal with some of Gary’s animals head down to Urban Safari this weekend.

And to read more about what it was like working with Goldie Hawn, Mel Gibson buy a copy of his book, Cinemazoo.  Available from our website or at the event at Urban Safari this weekend.

For more information visit his website:

Virtually all of Gary’s animals have been rescued, and he’s taken on a mission to help others, especially children and young adults, learn about responsible ownership and species preservation.

Do something different this weekend.   It’s as easy as  learning your ABC – Animals, BBQ and Cinemazoo!


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