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Fond memories of two remarkable gentlemen

Dr. John “Jack” Gillis

John Jack Gillis

It is with great regret that we announce the recent death of one of our authors, Dr. John Graham Gillis. Dr. Gillis died peacefully on December 30, 2014, after a long and transformative career as a cardiologist and historian in Vancouver. His voice lives on in two books, one of which is A Lovely Letter from Cecie: The 1907-1915 Vancouver Diary and World War I Letters of Wallace Chambers, which documents his uncle’s life as a young man experiencing Vancouver at the turn of the century.


Dr. Gurdev S. Boparai

Boparai photo.greyscale

Granville Island Publishing would like to take this opportunity to  recognize the passing of Dr. Gurdev S. Boparai, a general practitioner and poet. After over 30 years as a medical practitioner in Vancouver, BC, Dr. Boparai died on March 7, 2014. His passion and eloquence survive in Instinct Science, a collection of poems about his adolescent experiences growing up in India and his lifelong curiosity about science’s biggest mysteries.

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