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BE DiFFERENT or be dead
Your Business Survival Guide
Roy Osing

Roy Osing, author and business consultant, explains how businesses can navigate the turbulent waters of the contemporary economy. Drawing on his distinguished career as a business executive, entrepreneur and leader in the telecommunications industry, Osing gives you the real deal: performance enhancement and survival ideas based on solid business principles that have been successfully implemented in the real world.

Osing focuses on strategies that he has personally developed and executed: things you can do today to immunize your organization against performance decline and business failure tomorrow. Strategies that work.

Topics explored include:
The Only statement — the birth of differentiation
Customerize your marketing
Adopt a Customer Learning and Secrets marketing ethic
Introduce Holistic Offers, not products
Serve your customers — don’t service them
Brand your Sales Warriors

Written in a no-nonsense style that is clear, concise and entertaining, BE DiFFERENT or be dead offers a much-needed voice of common sense amidst the confusing sea of “how to” business books today.

For business strategy executives, marketing and sales managers, customer service managers and business owners and entrepreneurs alike, BE DiFFERENT or be dead is an invaluable resource for any leader looking to create a competitive edge for their organization and build long term success.

Testimonials from the back cover

Be DiFFERENT or be dead

The challenge for any business leader is to harness the energy from all parts of their
organization to work in unison to win in their market. In practical and easily understood terminology, Roy Osing shows how to leverage the critical functions of strategy, marketing, sales and customer service to be different and survive.

Osing’s ability to clearly articulate "be different" strategies, motivate team members to execute those strategies, and effectively respond to the challenges of a rapidly changing competitive landscape was invaluable in raising TELUS to its position of
leadership in the telecommunications industry today. An absolute ‘must read’ in today’s economic climate for Fortune 500 executives and small business owners alike.
-- Darren Entwistle, President & CEO, TELUS Corporation

This valuable book will benefit both aspiring and veteran marketers. The student will
find a comprehensive guide to many tricks of the trade, while the marketing veteran
will be reminded of the fundamental principles of effective marketing. Written by one of the country’s leading marketing specialists, BE DiFFERENT or be dead is easy to read, well organized and provides essential food for thought.
-- Angus Reid, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Vision Critical Group

BE DiFFERENT or be dead does a masterful job of teaching us how to move innovative
ideas through to successful implementation. If you want to be different, read this book
and apply its principles!
-- Gregg Saretsky, EVP Flight & Marketing, Alaska Airlines

As a former CEO of a national telecommunications company, I can attest to the critical importance for corporate and product differentiation. Osing’s passion for business and belief in the need for companies to differentiate themselves from the pack is not just theory: it is based on practical experience that everyone involved in product strategy and management needs.
-- Carol Stephenson, Dean of Richard Ivey School of Business, The University of Western Ontario

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Granville Island Publishing
Hard cover / 6" x 9" /378 pages
ISBN 978-1-894694-69-8



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