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MASKS: From Around the World

Masks From Around the World

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A Personal Collection
Garth Dahl

Garth Dahl bought his first mask in Costa Rica in 1989 as a travel souvenir, and this book details his discoveries in mask buying that followed. Beautiful photographs bring out the visual energy of the masks that he assembled over 15 years, on five continents. Dahl shares valuable practical advice with beginners who might wish to collect masks themselves — in other countries, here in Canada and on the Internet.

The author’s interview with noted West Coast carver Reg Davidson reveals how a mask maker expresses culture through masks, and leads to Dahl witnessing a highly significant event in the history of the Haida Nation of British Columbia.

Holidays, business interests and a romance with his Hungarian wife, Agnes, have taken Garth Dahl to many countries around the world.

In his concise and beautifully presented book Masks From Around the World, Garth Dahl shares his infectious wonder and appreciation of masks. Each of the masks is shown in a full-colour image and enhanced by a name as well as dimensions, materials, country of origin, purchase location and often the purpose. This accessible and informative book might spark more than a passing personal interest in masks. Masks From Around the World is an excellent resource to begin your collection.

— Leigh MacKay, writer of teacher manuals for the North American Montessori Center

A naturopath, he has broad experience in the field of natural medicine. He also writes children’s books and poetry, and collects art in various media.

Garth lives with his wife and son in the Fraser Valley, near Vancouver, BC.

8" x 8" / Colour illustrations
Granville Island Publishing
Trade Paperback / ISBN 1-894694-41-4 / $29.95 CDN>
Hard Cover / ISBN 1-894694-45-7 / $39.95 CDN