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They Called Me Otherwise

They Called Me Otherwise

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Stories of Growing Up in Scotland, Africa and Canada
Bill Galloway

The Scots conquered the world — they just forgot to tell anyone about it.

Bill Galloway’s book, They Called Me Otherwise, remedies that situation. Packed with humour and wisdom, it is at once a set of lighthearted anecdotes, an exemplary story of the Scots diaspora and an autobiography that shows how one man overcame the obstacles set against him.

As he rambles through several continents, Bill (alias Wullie, after his inspiration: a cartoon character in the Scottish Sunday Post) pokes fun at his own ineptness and celebrates his hard-won successes.

Colourful vignettes weave a tapestry of (mis)adventure, perseverance and fortunate coincidence. Bill is an engaging observer, somewhat innocently out of touch, voicing deeper truths. The book has serious lessons for people who may forever feel misplaced.

With a Scots respect for education, Bill pursues university studies in mathematics, philosophy and psychology, with his usual mishaps along the way. After getting a PhD in psychology (his thesis was on sleep research), he qualifies as an accountant and then emerges into the world of computer business systems. Bill demonstrates a very human way of building a career — and shares his warm personal philosophy emphasizing family and friendship.

Paperback / 6" x 9" / 150 pages
ISBN 1-894694-37-6
$15.95 Cdn / $12.00 US

ISBN 9781894694964