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To Ghana with Love

To Ghana with Love

William Galloway -- Pioneer Builder
Bill Galloway

Displaced but not lost, To Ghana With Love tells the story of the remarkable William Galloway and his life and contributions to his adopted homeland. Spanning from the early 1870’s until the 1950’s, the biography follows how Galloway went from being born to agricultural farmers on the harsh Canadian shield near Ottawa to becoming a builder in South Africa, Scotland and Ghana, West Africa.

Described as a prodigious builder of houses along the Accra Ridge, his pinnacle of achievement was building Achimota College in Accra, for which he was rewarded with the honour of being presented to royalty; which is just one of the many stories this book brings to life. An entrepreneur, yet builder at heart, Galloway ran more than one company, failed a few times and rebuilt. But if Africa temporarily gave him riches, it also exacted its toll, suffering through malaria more than once. After many voyages to Africa, he returned to his Glasgow home in 1946 where he lived out the remainder of his extraordinary life. He was a pioneer and his work lives on, both concretely and in their influence.

6 x 9
202 pages