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Road to Respect

Road to Respect

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Path to Profit

Erica Pinsky gives companies a road map to success in today's challenging business climate. The starting point: the establishment of a respectful and inclusive workplace culture that attracts and retains quality employees. Through engaging stories, powerful insights and concrete strategies, she guides businesses along the "Path to Profit". Erica has been featured in The Globe and Mail, Business in Vancouver and Canadian Retailer Magazine.


“It is very rare to find someone with the right combination of knowledge, experience and that charismatic personality that makes people want to listen, learn and participate; we are lucky to have found Erica Pinsky. Erica, your session was nothing less than inspiring. You have greatly assisted our organization in promoting and encouraging a respectful workplace for the management and professional staff employed at the University of British Columbia.”

Jasmin Harry, BBA, CHRP
Member Services Officer
AAPS at University of British Columbia


“Erica Pinsky's work and assistance to help with team values, norms and behaviours was a crucial ingredient we were missing. Erica's help in establishing these critical frameworks fundamental to effective, efficient and respectful teams is a key ingredient that will help ensure our organization remains a leader in our market.”

Michael Wagner
Salmon Arm Savings & Credit Union


“Erica Pinsky is an experienced professional in the field of Human Rights and Labour Relations and we have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her over the past eight years. She has provided us with comprehensive advice and assistance. Staff have thoroughly enjoyed working with Erica as she addresses the challenging and ever changing topic of Human Rights with professionalism, skill and humour.”

Suzanne Pottinger
Vice President of Employee Experience
The Original Cakerie


“Pinsky’s writing style makes this book an easy read for managers, decision-makers, human resource professionals and business owners and anyone else interested in building a respectful workplace. She provides tangible advice interwoven with the stories of real organizations who demonstrate on a daily basis the value of promoting a respectful workplace. Pinsky ensures that readers can glean from the book information they need to take action. A respectful workplace culture is a road ‘paved’ over time with trust and support; and Pinsky’s book provides the tools you need to arrive at your destination.”

Catherine M. Mattice
Civility Partners, LLC
& SME on Workplace Bullying


“Our company recently implemented a Respectful Workplace training program. While researching and developing the program I discovered Erica’s book Road to Respect: Path to Profit. After reading it I realized that the information and guidance contained in the book would provide real value to our organization, so I distributed copies to the entire leadership team. For those organizations committed to building a respectful workplace, Road to Respect: Path to Profit is a must read.”

Pauline Johnson


“This easy to read book paints a clear and vivid picture of what the many facets of respect looks like in a thriving organization. Through numerous ‘respectful practices’ we are not just told, but shown how to move toward a culture where respect is a living core value and success and profitability are the outcomes. It is the ‘roadmap’ to respect and path to profit.”

Mike Desjardins
One of Business in Vancouver’s
Top 40 Under 40


Business / Ethics
5.5" x 8.5" 236 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9811461-0-2 $25.00 CDN / US

ISBN: 978-1-894694-97-1