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Sammy Squirrel & Rodney Racoon: A Stanley Park Tale

Sammy Squirrel & Rodney Racoon

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Duane Lawrence
Illustrations by Gordon Clover

When best friends Sammy Squirrel and Rodney Raccoon decide to explore the world beyond Vancouver’s Stanley Park, they are carried on a fantastic adventure. Swept out to sea in a little boat, the woodland creatures journey across the Pacific Ocean all the way to Japan. While their courage and ingenuity are tested at every turn, Sammy and Rodney are met by good fortune and are helped by new friends Salty Seagull, Winifred Whale and a deer called Shika. The wide-eyed travellers help resolve a crisis with the deer in Nara, Japan and by the time they return safely home, have broadened their world and gained a deeper understanding of animal and human interactions.

The story of Sammy Squirrel and Rodney Raccoon, though a fictional animal adventure, addresses real-life issues about relationships between animals and people. An illustrated chapter book, and first in the Stanley Park Tales series, it promotes awareness and sensitivity to the needs of others.

Stanley Park is a hugely popular locale, famous for its natural beauty and urban proximity. Rowing across oceans is a topical theme, resulting in the connecting of cultures, Duane Lawrence’s writing highlights the interconnectedness of life, the sensitivity of living creatures and the value of kindness.

Trade Paperback / 6" x 9" / 112 pages
Age Level: 6 and over / B+W Illustrations throughout
Granville Island Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-894694-54-4
Price: $12.95 CDN / US

eBook ISBN: 978-1-894694-89-6
Price: $6.99 CDN / US