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A Path of Their Own Reviews

A Path of Their Own

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"This book delves deeply into the debate about how children learn and evolve, as Lael Whitehead challenges conventional wisdom with her insightful observations about the pitfalls of conventional schooling. The book is full of humorous and heart-warming anecdotes about the formative years of her three daughters and her struggle to find ways to help them educate themselves without the formal structure of a school. The author bares her soul with honesty and compassion, and her eloquent prose makes this book a delight to read."
—Garnet Schulhauser
Author of Dancing on a Stamp

“Lael Whitehead – with her relentless questioning, her strong belief in children and in life, her brave mind and open heart – has written a testament to how respecting children can lead to a radical and restorative change in how we live, one that is a kinder, gentler, more thoughtful, and more life-affirming.”
—From the foreword by Wendy Priesnitz,
Author of School Free: The Homeschooling Handbook

"What’s transformative about Whitehead’s book is that she discovered how the energy for learning is brimming within the child. Children are individual powerhouses of curiosity, and the modern teacher has to find ways to channel that power into self-discovery and learning.”
Island Tides

"A beautiful book that engages, inspires and challenges. Whatever your own philosophy of education, you will find ideas for better parenting and education here. “
—Linda Bevis
Author of Dragon Blossoms

"As a homeschooling parent, I've always been curiously drawn to the idea of unschooling, but have mostly stuck to conventional methods of teaching. This book challenged my ideas of education: how children learn and how to trust their interests. It got me looking at my kids from outside of the "school" box and questioning how I can encourage them to build upon their passions."
-Lisa Marie Fletcher
The Canadian Homeschooler

"A richly rewarding, life-affirming book. Highly recommended."
-Raffi, author, children's troubadour, founder of Child Honouring.