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Cedar, Salmon and Weed Reviews

Cedar, Salmon and Weed

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Druehl captures in his novel the irony of community, our need to be a part of a social network versus our desire to be unfettered by social norms. He treats both the community and the individuals that form it with humour and affection. However, at the heart of the book is the author's love for his friend who was tragically lost.
-Ann Rose
SFURA Newsletter, Read the full review here.

"Like a cross between The Beachcombers, The Nature of Things, and Up In Smoke, Bamfield BC author Louis Druehl has crafted a brilliantly authentic West Coast novel. Expertly and beautifully written, the book absolutely drips with soggy coastal flavour, so much so that I could taste the salt air, and picture the harbour, ocean and land where so much of the action in this wonderfully gritty book is set. I highly recommend Cedar, Salmon and Weed for anyone who enjoys adventure stories from a local expert's detailed perspective."
—Grant Lawrence
CBC Broadcaster,
author of Adventures in Solitude and The Lonely End of the Rink

"Forests, beaches, and docks replace alleys, boilers, and defunct canneries as Druehl brings the spirit of Cannery Row alive with a story of desire, conflict, and discovery along the remote shores of Vancouver Island. Artful description of the intricate relationships among its inhabitants exposes the peculiarity of a village with such a unique mixture of cultural oddities that readers will trek the long logging road just for the experience. Cedar, Salmon and Weed is lavishly human."
—Michael H. Graham,
Co-Editor, Journal of Phycology Professor, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

"The book captures coastal life and the imperfect world of people in a remote village where residents still get about by boardwalk or boat."
BC BookLook