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Life in Beauty

Kate Porter

Kate Porter’s lovely book, Life in Beauty explores Tolle's idea with a light hand and an open heart. Following a shocking divorce after 24 years of marriage, she spent a year healing herself. The result of that healing is a book which rather than calling for vengeance, calls for joy; rather than calling for justice, calls for love; rather than calling for judgement, calls for beauty. This is an inspirational book which reminds us that beauty’s call can heal our hurts.

It reminds us that beauty is everywhere around us and that we have only to pay attention and it will reveal itself to us making mundane cares seem insignificant. By using personal examples and those of others, she gives us the tools to help us reclaim beauty as part of our natural heritage.

Interestingly, she just doesn’t talk about beauty. Rather, she presents these inspiring ideas packaged in a very beautiful "Beauty Treasure Box." She actually does what she talks about. More than a book, Life in Beauty is an experience. More than an experience, it is a gift for us all.

Paperback and box
4¼” x 6½”
224 pages
ISBN 978-1-894694-66-7

Life in Beauty

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