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Tools For Living

After Brain Injury

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(Pocket Guide)

J. Lynne Mann, R. Psych. with Michael Rossiter

The trauma of brain injury affects many people besides the injured one, and After Brain Injury: Tools for Living offers hope to all of them. A guide to psychological recovery after the loss and upheaval that follow such an event, this book is full of new ideas and experience—something many survivors and their caregivers have run out of.

In clear language and with easy-to-follow exercises, the authors lead the reader through the four stages of psychological recovery: becoming more self-aware, recovering emotionally, thinking in new ways, and changing behavior.

In reading this book you will:

– be exposed to new ideas about recovery

– find methods and tools for solving problems specifically faced by brain injury survivors and their caregivers

– get to practice these methods and tools by doing worksheets

– be inspired to try out new skills and ideas in everyday situations

develop the ability to remember those new skills and ideas.

ISBN: 978-1-894694-25-4
Price: $89.95 CDN / $69.95 US

Also available: The Pocket Guide for After Brain Injury
ISBN: 978-1-894694-28-5
Price: $39.95 CDN / US