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Walk Horseshoe Bay
to the USA

Walk Horseshoe Bay to the USA

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Charles Clapham

This book outlines in detail a route around the Strait of Georgia shoreline from the ferry dock at Horseshoe Bay to the Peace Arch, a distance of some 140km.That may sound like a rather ambitious hike, but Clapham has organized it into ten reasonable one-day expeditions. His philosophy is that hiking should begin about 9 a.m., finishing at 2 p.m.; in time to get home for tea. This is a civilized approach that leaves the evening free, with ample time to recover. . . . Sometimes this book tells us as much about Clapham as it does about the route. In that case, is he the sort of person you'd like to hike with? The answer is definitely yes.
—Patrick Brown, Island Tides

Paper / 5.5" x 8.5" / 112 pages
ISBN 0-89716-825-9 / $14.95 CDN / $12.95 US