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In Each Moment

In Each Moment

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A New Way to Live
Paul Lowe
Edited by Devon Ronner

There is more joy and peace possible for everyone. Paul Lowe has discovered this for himself. He has devoted his life to becoming more conscious, vitally alive and fulfilled. His journey has brought him great wisdom, clarity and an ordinary spirituality that infuses everyday living, which he shares in meetings with people all over the world. This book is a brilliant distillation of his key ideas, which are both simple and radical, and which can change your life. Discover how you can replace the stress of anger, jealousy, insecurity and fear with delight, maturity, an expanded intelligence and deep fulfillment.

Paper / 6" x 8.5" / 200 pages
ISBN 0-96884109-0-1 / $19.95 CDN /
$12.95 US