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Discover Canada

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"From rolling farmlands to breathtaking coastal scenery to stunning cliffs, Canada is full of awe-inspiring outdoor outings. Author and travel blogger Leigh McAdam offers up some of the finest northern adventures."
-Reader's Digest

"Discover Canada works just as well to inspire as it does to inform."
-Explore Magazine

"[McAdam] writes about her adventures beautifully and takes amazing pictures along the way... [she] makes every destination pop to life and seem not merely worth visiting, but worth reading about as well."
-Snarky Tofu Travel Blog

"Adventurous Canadian travel blogger Leigh McAdam of HikeBikeTravel really out-did herself in 2014 by challenging herself to 100 Adventures around Canada."
-Lash World Tour

"I think I may have found my new Canada dream book."

"Leigh has seen more of this country that anyone I know...I highly recommend her book as both an excellent resource and a source of inspiration for Canadians and for visitors to the country who would like to experience the outdoors."
-Gone with the Family

"These 100 adventures...range from family friendly to tough multi-day backpacking trips, but either way they're sure to change how you see Canada while you drool over the gorgeous photography ... A fantastic book by a true adventurer!"
-Monkeys & Mountains

"Where can you kayak with orcas, hike amongst glaciers and bike along stunning coastline? Canadian travel writer Leigh McAdam answers all these questions and more in her latest book, Discover Canada: 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures."
-BC Living

"McAdam's beautiful travel guide presents introductory information on 100 locations ripe for exploration across Canada."
-Women's Adventure Magazine

"The book details and shows readers how to create spectacular wilderness adventures of their own throughout Canada, in all ten provinces and three territories, rated for difficulty."
-Rapid Media

"Writing the book as she travelled, with good humour, wisdom and verve, McAdam guides readers to spectacular wilderness locations. All 100 adventures were chosen under the guidelines that they must be human powered taking readers through spectacular mountain and coastal scenery under their own steam."
-Paddle Canada