Sports Car

in Western Canada
Tom Johnston


Motor sport is the biggest sport in the world and one of the most expensive entertainment undertakings ever devised by man.
Compiled by a man who has been involved in professional and amateur racing for over 40 years, this book is an invaluable historical study of sports car road racing in Western Canada. After racing at more than 50 facilities, Tom Johnston visited many more in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to document and photograph the lost race tracks, the failed attempts to build new tracks, and the still operating tracks. The highlights of this book include Johnston’s exploration of racing tracks built over WWII airfields and a detailed look at the long tradition of amateur home built “specials.” He also treats us to his amusing and insightful first-hand accounts of being a driver, a car designer and builder and a team owner.
Granville Island Publishing
ISBN 1-894694-19-8 / $100.00
US / $120.00 CDN

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